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Corporate law

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ARTE law Firm provide a large scope of services in Corporate law practice area. We provide legal advice on various issues of incorporation, reorganization and closing down of legal entities, drafting corporate acts, as well as solving complex corporate issues such as complete legal support of incorporation and closing down of legal entities, legal due diligence, complete legal support of corporate rights sell/buy contracts.

Support of legal entities incorporation:

  • Advice on choosing optimal legal forms of business
  • Development and legal expertise of statutory documents and local corporate documents
  • Incorporation of legal entities in any legal form: companies, private enterprises, cooperatives, joint stock companies, non-profit organization etc
  • Legal support of association of legal entities (association, corporation, concern, consortium)
  • Incorporation of foreign enterprises and enterprises with foreign capital.
  • Incorporation of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities.
  • Modification of a legal entity’s statutory documents and a state registration of such modifications.
  • Legal support of shareholders’ meetings: insurance the legality of meetings, drafting and legal expertise of corporate documents (minutes, protocols, acts).

Legal support of reorganization and liquidation of legal entities:

  • Advising on legal aspects of reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, as well as on legal consequences of reorganization and liquidation of legal entities
  • Planning forms and strategies of corporate restructuring
  • Full legal support of liquidation of a legal entity

Legal audit of alienation/acquisition of corporate rights:

  • Advising on issues of application of various schemes of corporate rights alienation/acquisition
  • Legal analysis of legal and financial risks associated with the acquisition/disposal of corporate rights
  • Legal support of transactions aimed at disposal/acquisition of corporate rights

Legal assistance in corporate disputes settlement:

  • Advice on the application of corporate law aiming at potential corporate conflicts neutralization, as well as minimization of the corporate disputes effect
  • Representation in courts on corporate conflicts proceedings.

Legal aspects of employment relationship with the company's management, personnel, foreign employees:

  • Advising on the application of labor legislation governing the employment relationship between the members shareholders and a company’s managers
  • Advising on the employment of foreign citizens and obtaining work permits
  • Drafting employment contracts with company officers
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