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Contract & commercial law

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The contract and commercial law area is one of the prior and most asked-ones in LF "ARTE” activity and we do take considerable efforts for further improvement of contract and commercial law practice area.

LF “ARTE” lawyers have profound theoretical knowledge and understanding of contract law structure as well as extensive practical experience in contract and contract schemes formation and analysis as well as in the area of conducting of business.

Practicing contract and commercial law we draft single contracts as we as complex contract schemes. We draft contracts in Russian, Ukrainian, English.

We are well experienced drafting single contracts and contract schemes in such areas as:

  • domestic and international trade
  • financial and loan relations
  • corporate management
  • real estate
  • transport 
  • tourism

Formation and legal examination of contracts and contract schemes in the sphere of business activity:

  • Goods sale (supply) contracts, distribution contracts
  • Commercial mediation contracts
  • Commercial concession contracts (franchise agreements)
  • Transportation and forwarding contracts
  • Joint venture agreements

Formation and legal examination of contracts and contract schemes dealing with movable and immovable property:

  • Barter contracts and contracts of sale and purchase of movable and immovable property (residential and commercial property, land plots, vehicles) 
  • Deeds of a gift of real and personal property
  • Contracts on property entrusted administration 
  • Contracts of lease of buildings, structures and facilities, land plots, vehicles, residential and commercial property.
  • Leasing contracts

Formation and legal examination of financial contracts:

  • Credit and factoring contracts
  • Financial leasing contract
  • Loan contracts

Formation and legal examination of contracts of pledge:

  • Pledge of movables
  • Mortgage contracts
  • Contracts of pledge of property rights and goods in turnover

Formation and legal examination of other contracts and contract schemes:

  • Investment contracts
  • Contracts relating to sell/buy of corporate rights
  • Legal support of conclusion, fulfillment and termination of state and municipal property lease contracts
  • Legal support of conclusion, fulfillment and termination of contracts in the sphere of public purchases

We propose legal services of qualified support of conclusion, fulfillment and termination of contracts as well as contract controversies settlement:

  • Appearance in pre-contractual negotiations for determination of proper contract scheme;
  • Optimal structuring of contracts, possible contract risk management, selection of optimal means of legal defence;
  • Detailed analysis of application of law areas relating to a contract scheme realization: customs and currency legislation, tax planning and investment, arbitration clauses and applicable legislation.

LF “ARTE” lawyers have considerable knowledge and experience in-court legal defence in the contractual discrepancies area. Our projects in the contract law practice include:

  • debt recovery cases
  • penalty and damages (including lost profits) recovery cases
  • cases of compulsion to conclusion of contracts and other disputes arising upon conclusion, modification and termination of contracts
  • cases of compulsion to fulfill obligations in kind.
  • cases on invalidation of contracts and application of contracts invalidity consequences.
  • cases of contract contents interpretation.
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