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Transport law

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Law Firm “ARTE” lawyers have profound knowledge and considerable practice in providing qualified legal services on solving issues which arise in relation to carrying out activity on transportation of passengers, cargoes and luggage by various kinds of transport, as well as in the sphere of shipping of goods through Ukraine customs boarder.

We provide legal services by advising on definite issues and by legal support of operations regarding transportation and customs procedures.

We are practicing legal support of transportation and forwarding companies. Among our regular clients there are transportation and forwarding companies which carry out activity on transportation of passengers, cargoes and luggage within the territory of Ukraine as well as on territories of foreign countries. We provide legal services covering regulations of passengers, cargoes and luggage transportation by all kinds of transport:

  • Motor transport
  • Railway transport
  • Air transport
  • Marine and river transport

ARTE lawyers develop thorough contracts in the transport law area:

  • Passengers, cargo and luggage transportation contracts
  • Charter
  • Forwarding contracts

We provide legal support of licencing in the sphere of passengers, cargo and luggage transportation.

We provide legal assistance of road accident occurrences:

  • Representation before state authorities and in court proceedings related to a road accident occurrence;
  • Representation in criminal proceedings (in cases of road regulations violation which caused injuries dangerous to life or death);
  • Legal support of negotiations with insurance companies, expert bodies;
  • Recovery of material and moral damage caused in the result of a road accident occurrence;
  • Settlement of insured events and recovery of insurance payments.
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