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«ARTE» law firm was established in 2007 and despite a short period of existence is a dynamically developing company, which bases at high knowledge level and huge experience of the professionals.

Company group is made up by young specialists who have graduated from the best Ukraine universities, have profound knowledge in law, considerable practice skills and experience.

Lawyers of the firm have knowledge in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages that provides rendering legal services in foreign economic law and services for foreign clients.

«ARTE» law firm lawyers improve their knowledge in current practice areas and successfully develop new practices. Besides practical activity «ARTE» law firm lawyers pay considerable attention to science work in legal area, publish articles in Ukrainian dedicated periodicals.

«ARTE» Law firm activity is mainly directed to comprehensive conducting of business in Ukraine. Among our clients there are representatives of small-scale, average and large-scale business, whose confidence we deserved according to our professional work. Conducting business demands the company to have many-sided specialization. «ARTE» law firm provides legal services at such practice areas as corporate law, insurance law, economic law, contract and commercial law, transport law, foreign economic law, litigation and out-of-court dispute settlement.

In the company considerable attention is paid to conducting legal services to individuals. For that purpose the Individuals service department works within company structure. Lawyers of the department pecialize at such practice areas as criminal law, family law, inheritance law, labour law and housing law.

We practice an individual approach to every client taking into consideration client’s business specific features and client’s preferences.

Most of all we stand up for professionalism as the basic principle of legal assistance. Professionalism in our comprehension is first of all prevailing of purposefulness, responsibility and morality over business commercial component.

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